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Garden With Harmony offers full service garden coaching and consultation, whether you want to grow herbs on your window sill, start raised beds, or require full scale garden design. We can help with all of it! 


Harmony is a garden coach & consultant who has been gardening since she was a child.  She learned from her father who taught her that with every season comes a new success and a new challenge.  With 10 years in the U.S. Navy she has had the opportunity to garden in multiple climates and has started over more times than she can count.  


Harmony is the host of the Garden With Harmony Podcast and live streams on Twitch playing garden games and offering live garden advice. 


When not in the garden you can find Harmony curling up with a good book, painting, or spending time with her two daughters, husband, and dog.

Harmony Tahmalwash


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Follow along with Harmony to learn more about gardening. Each episode of Garden With Harmony will be a new lesson from the garden accompanied by a Q &A session and a reflection on how we can use that lesson in and out of the garden. 


Whether you're a new plant parent or a Master Gardener you’ll find this get something out of this podcast.


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